In nomine domini, et gloriose virginis materis eivs, specvlvm ivdiciale, a magistro Gvillermo Dvranti editvm, incipit feliciter.

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PML 78478
Durand, Guillaume, approximately 1230-1296.
Argentinorum urbe : factoribus leorio Husner ciue inibi, et lohane Bekenhub clerico Moguntino, .M.CCCC.LXXIII mensis nouembris die .xxij [22 November 1473].
[1] I-CXXXII, I-CLXXXVIII, I-XIX [1], I-CXLVIII [2] leaves ; 43 cm (fol.)
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Purchased on the Fellows Fund in memory of Dr. Curt F. Bühler, 1985.

Title from caption, leaf [1]/1r.
Imprint from colophon, leaf : Prelucidu[m] hoc opus speculi iudicialis. iuris interp[re]tis optimi. M[a]g[ist]ri Guillermi Duranti. ... [con]su[m]matu est [et] p[er]fectu. in celebri Arge[n]tino[rum] vrbe factorib[us] leorio husner ciue inibi. et lohane Bekenhub clerico Mogu[n]tino. Anno D[omi]ni .M.CCCC.LXXIII. mensis noue[m]bris die .xxij.
Printed in Husner's type 1:102G.
In four parts.
Collation, part I: [1¹² 2⁸ 3¹⁰ 4⁸ 5-7¹⁰ 8⁸(7+1: "et quasi per"); 9⁸ 10¹⁰(+1); 11¹⁰ 12⁶ 13-14¹⁰], 132 leaves, leaf [1]/1 blank; part II: [1-11¹⁰ 12⁸ 13¹⁰ 14-15⁸ 16¹⁰ 17⁸ 18¹⁰ 19-20⁸]: 188 leaves; part III: [1-2¹⁰]: 20 leaves, leaf [2]/10 blank; part IV: [1-10¹⁰ 11⁸ 12-14¹⁰ 15¹²]: 150 leaves, leaves [15]/11-12 blank.
Paper format: Royal folio.
PML copy leaf dimensions: 40.7 x 29.5 cm.
PML copy missing 5 leaves: part I, leaf [1]/1 (blank), part III, leaf [2]/10 (blank), and part IV, leaves [15]/10-12 (leaf 10, colophon, leaves 11-12 blank).

Late 16th/early 17th-century German (Bavaria) blind-stamped pigskin over wooden boards (43 x 31 cm), sewn on 6 supports; with Justicia and Fortuna panels in center of each board (from unidentified bindery EBDB w004431). Plain paper pastedowns; decorative endbands. 2 clasps, missing.

Hand decoration: Contemporary rubrication, red initials (primary initial part I, leaf [1]/2r with pink penwork decoration), paragraph marks and capital strokes, with L-brackets around headlines. Annotations: Minimal early notations sporadically throughout text; manuscript headlines mostly trimmed. Part I, leaf [9]/3r slip with manuscript notes bound in. Modern blank leaf at end with partial citation from colophon.

Donauwörth (Bavaria), Benedictines, Heilig Kreutz, inscriptions: "Monasterij S. Crucis Werdensis" and "S. Crucis Werdeae [???]" (part I, leaf [1]/2r); Karl Gross, stamp: "Dor. Carolus Gross, Juris Professor, Publ. Ordinarius" (part I, leaves [1]/2-4); Sigismund Radda von Boskowstein (1907-1945, part of Reuttner von Weyl family), "Ex libris J. U. D. Sigismundi C. Equ. Radda de Boskowstein," armorial bookplate and stamps, probably through inheritance to: Graf Konrad Reuttner von Weyl (d. ca. 1960?), of Achstetten, his sale, Bloomsbury Book Auctions, 31 October 1985, lot 118; Pierpont Morgan Library, purchased at Bloomsbury on the Fellows Fund in memory of Dr. Curt F. Bühler, Nov. 1985.