Indulgentia, 1454-1455. For contributions to the war against the Turks.

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PML 22226
Chappe, Paulinus, commissary.
[Mainz : Printer of the 31-line indulgence and of the 36-line Bible, 1454-55]
(Broadside fol.)
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Purchased by J.P. Morgan, Jr., 1924.

31 lines. Seven issues are known: see GW and Janet Ing in British Library Journal 9 (1983) pp. 14-31.
ISTC note: PML (6th issue, vell. Dated 13 Apr. 1455).
An indulgence printed at Mainz for Paulinus Chappe sent there for the purpose by the King of Cyprus to whom Pope Nicholas V had granted the privilege. This one was issued to "Erasmus Damoder presbyter Pataviensis diocesis," and dated Würzburg, 13 Apr. 1455.
OC card title: "[Indulgence, (granted by Nicolaus V), and issued by Paulinus Chappe, proctor-general of the King of Cyprus, to contributors to the war against the Turks].
OC card: "one sheet, printed on vellum; 31 lines; types 1 & 2; Text, 167x230 mm Sheet, 220x257 mm Fourth issue (6th printing, see GW 6556); fol. in 1/2 dk. be. mor. box."
Checklist: "SL (single leaf). Printed [b. 13 Apr.] 1455."
Checklist: "GW 6:6556(6)."
Library's copy on vellum.

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Checklist title: Indulgence

From the collections of Lord Spencer and Sir Thomas Phillipps.