Breviarium Basiliense.

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PML 34639
[Basel] : [Michael Wenssler], [after 14 May 1478]
2 volumes ; 32 cm (fol.)
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Purchased in 1938.

Title and imprint from ISTC.
Printed in Wenssler's types 1b:121G and 2:92G.
In two parts: pars hiemalis and pars aestivalis.
Commissioned by Johannes von Veningen, bischop of Basel, and Burkhard Hanffstengel.
1) Calendarium, [a⁶]: 6 leaves; 2) Psalterium, [a-e¹⁰ f⁸]: 58 leaves; 3) Ordinarium officii, a⁶: 6 leaves; 4) Rubrica adventus, [a¹⁰]: 10 leaves; 5) Proprium de tempore, a-c¹⁰ d-g⁸ h¹² [i-n¹⁰] o⁶ p⁸ q-r¹⁰ s¹⁰(10+1: Crucem sanctam subiit) t⁸ v-x¹⁰ y⁸ z aa-dd¹⁰ [ee¹⁰ ff⁸]: 273 leaves, leaf a1 blank; 6) Proprium de sanctis, pars hiemalis, [a¹² b-c¹⁰ d⁸ e¹⁰ f⁸ g¹⁰ h⁸ i⁴]: 80 leaves, leaf a1 blank; 7) Proprium de sanctis, pars aestivalis, [a-c¹⁰ d⁸ e-f¹⁰ g⁸ h-m¹⁰ n⁸ o-s¹⁰]: 174 leaves; 8) Commune sanctorum, [a-b¹⁰ c⁸]: 28 leaves; 9) Officium BMV, in sabbato, [a⁶ b⁸]: 14 leaves; 10) Officium dedicationis ecclesiae, [a⁶]: 6 leaves; 11) Officia annexa, [a⁸]: 8 leaves; 12) Calendarium, [a⁷]: 7 leaves; 13) Ordinarium officii, [a⁶]: 6 leaves; 14) Proprium de tempore, pars hiemalis, [a-c¹⁰ d-g⁸ h¹² i-n¹⁰ o⁶ p⁸ q-r¹⁰ s¹¹]: 169 leaves; 15) Proprium de tempore, pars aestivalis, [a⁸ b-c¹⁰ d⁸ e-k¹⁰ l⁸]: 104 leaves.
Paper format: Chancery folio.
2 columns, 35 lines. Capital spaces, without guide letters.
PML copy leaf dimensions: 30.6 x 21.8 cm.
PML copy is pars hiemalis, contains (in bound order): parts 1, 3, 5 (quires a-s only), 2, 6, 8, and 11.

15th-century blind-stamped pigskin over partially-bevelled wooden boards (32 x 22.5 cm.), sewn on 4 supports by the Doppeladler Wappen IV workshop, probably located near Basel (EBDB w003469, the other identified binding is St. Gallen, Ms 851). Modern plain paper pastedowns, with contemporary fly leaves; decorative endbands. 2 clasps, missing.

Hand decoration: Contemporary southern German rubrication, alternating red and blue lombards, red L-brackets. Annotations: No marginal notations in text.

Unidentified Basel religious institution inscription, partially abraded: "...Cath: Eccl: Basilia: Canoncii 1711" (leaf [a]1r of Calendarium); unidentified inscription for owner in Harstadtt (front fly leaf recto); J. Feuermann, inscription: "Ex libris J. Feuermann parochi in Offimont," 1853 (front fly leaf verso); unidentified modern booklabel, torn away (front pastedown); Jacques Rosenthal, Inkunabula typographica (cat. 24, 1906), no. 369; Pierpont Morgan Library, purchased from Maggs Bros., Feb. 1938.