Incipit liber sextus decretaliu[m] d[omi]ni Bonifacij pape viij.

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PML 15405
Boniface VIII, Pope, d. 1303.
Moguntinum : per Johannem Fust ... et Petrum Schoiffer, Anno domini .M.cccc.sexagesimoqui[n]to. Die vero decimaseptima mensis decembris [17 December 1465].
[142] leaves ; 41 cm (fol.)
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Purchased by Pierpont Morgan, 1907.

Title from caption, printed in red, leaf [2]/1r.
Imprint from colophon, leaf [15]/9r: Presens huius sexti decretaliu[m] preclarum opus. non atramento. plumali canna neq[ue] aerea. s[ed] artificiosa quadam adinuentione imprimendi seu caracterizandi sic effigiatu[m]. et ad eusebia[m] dei. industrie est [con]summatu[m] per Iohanne[m] fust ciuem moguntinu[m] et Petru[m] schoiffer de gernβhemy [sic]. Anno domini .M.cccc.sexagesimoqui[n]to. Die vero decimaseptima mensis decembris.
Printed in Fust and Schoeffer's types 3:91G and 5:118G.
Collation: [1⁴; 2-4¹⁰ 5¹⁰ (1+1: "scilicet in dignus", 2+1: "auctoriate.", 3+1: "Porro cu[m] unus") 6-10¹⁰ 11⁶ (5+1: "[I]Dem"); 12⁸ 13-15¹⁰]: 142 leaves, leaf [15]/10 blank.
With gloss of Johannes Andreae.
For variant colophon and red printing, see GW 4848.
Apparently entirely printed on vellum. The paper copy at Manchester is a collection of proof sheets (L. Hellinga, in Bulletin du bibliophile 1989 no.1 p. 47).
PML copy printed on vellum.
PML copy leaf dimensions: 39.9 x 29.5 cm.
PML copy missing 5 leaves (quire [1]⁴, Andrea, Super arboribus consanguinitatis et affinitatis) and [15]/10 (blank), and with several leaves remargined at bottom ([2]/10, [3]/1.10, [4]/8, [6]/10, [7]/4-7, [8]/2, [13]/10, [14]/8-10, [15]/1-4 and 9, with part of text and colophon replaced in pen facsmile.

20th-century full black goatskin over paper boards (41 x 30.5 cm), sewn on 5 supports by Deborah Evetts(?); previous 19th-century green morocco boards retained and housed in box with volume. Modern plain paper pastedowns and endleaves; plain endbands; gil
Variant Title: 

Liber sextus Decretalium


Hand decoration: Contemporary Mainz(?) illuminationed initials and floral borders, alternating red and blue intials and paragraph marks, and red capital strokes. Annotations: Contemporary Roman numeral headlines in several hands, subject headings and foliation in top-right corners (mainly trimmed), and numeric quire signature along bottom edge (trimmed except leaves [4]/4, [11]/6, and [12]/2). Contemporary marginal notations sporadically throughout in at least two hands.

Unidentified early inscription, abraded (leaf [2]/1r); perhaps copy sold through William Pickering, Catalogue of Biblical, Classical and Historical Manuscripts and of Rare and Curious Books (1834), no. 482 and J.J. Techener, Bulletin du bibliophile, fasc. 2 (April 1834), p. 3, no. 104; Engel (unidentified), Catalogue de livres rares et de manuscrits précieux, his sale, Paris, 5 Dec. 1867, lot 72 for fr. 1200; perhaps Ambroise Firmin-Didot (see De Ricci, Catalogue raisonné des premières impressions de Mayence, 83.26 but more likely British Museum copy, 83.1); Rahir, Bulletin Morgand, nouvelle série, fasc. 3 (April 1905), no. 67 for fr. 4000 (De Ricci claimed "sold to Germany"); Pierpont Morgan (1843-1913), purchased from Leo Olschki, 1907.