Biblia latina. With the Glossa Ordinaria of pseudo-Walafrid Strabo and interlinear glosses of Anselmus Laudunensis.

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PML 26672-26675
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Bible. Latin. 1480.
[Strasbourg : Adolf Rusch, for Anton Koberger at Nuremberg, not after 1480]; [Basel : Johann Amerbach, for Adolf Rusch and Anton Koberger]

Ascribed to Amerbach by A. Hartmann (Amerbach-korrespondenz (1942), I, 2 n.2). The printing, however, seems to have been done by Rusch at Strassburg with types borrowed from Amerbach: F. Geldner in Archiv für Geschichte des Buchwesens, 23 (1982), cols 684-88. GW dates shortly after 23 Sept. 1481 but manuscript notes in the Sion College copy and in Oates 124 are dated 1480. The quire signatures, in multiple sequences of the first seven letters of the alphabet, are perhaps early press figures (BMC). For variants see CIBN.
On the authorship of the Glossa Ordinaria see B. Smalley, The study of the Bible in the Middle Ages, ed. 3, Oxford, 1983, pp. x, 56-60.

Contemporary German blind-stamped pigskin. Vols. 1, 2, & 4, probably bound in Würzburg, with tools similar to those assigned to the Biberach Kartäuser workshop, EBDB w004209. Vol. 3 possibly bound in Bamberg, by the Bamberg Minoritenkloster, EBDB w000078 (Kyriss 6), or by Ulrich Meyer, also known as Mair bb, EBDB w000042 (Kyriss 50), in the Einbanddatenbank online (consulted on October 29, 2009).