Biblia latina. With the Glossa Ordinaria of pseudo-Walafrid Strabo and interlinear glosses of Anselmus Laudunensis.

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PML 26672-75
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Bible. Latin. 1480.
[Strasbourg] : [Adolf Rusch, for Anton Koberger at Nuremberg], [not after 1480]
[1211] leaves in 4 vols. ; 49 x 35 cm (fol.)
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Purchased in 1929.

Title and imprint from ISTC.
Ascribed to Amerbach by A. Hartmann (Amerbach-korrespondenz (1942), I, 2 n.2). The printing, however, seems to have been done by Rusch at Strassburg with types borrowed from Amerbach: F. Geldner in Archiv für Geschichte des Buchwesens, 23 (1982), cols 684-88. GW dates shortly after 23 Sept. 1481 but manuscript notes in the Sion College copy and in Oates 124 are dated 1480. The quire signatures, in multiple sequences of the first seven letters of the alphabet, are perhaps early press figures (BMC). For variants see CIBN.
Printed in Rusch's types 1:180G, 2:106G, 3:92G, and 4:68G.
Signatures, vol. I): a¹⁰ 9xb⁸ 5xd⁸ d⁶ d¹⁰; a⁸ 9xd⁸ 3xb⁸ 2xb⁶; vol. II): a⁸ 14xc⁸ c¹⁰ 3xh⁸ c⁶ h⁶ h⁸ 2xh⁶ h⁸ c⁸ 2xc⁶ c⁸ c⁶ 10xe⁸ e¹⁰ e⁸; vol. III): 5xb⁸ b⁶ 2xb⁸ b¹⁰ 11xg⁸ 2xg⁶ g¹⁰ 4xd⁸ d⁶ 2xe⁶; 2xa⁸ 5xc⁸ 2xc⁶ a⁸ d⁸ 3xa⁸; vol. IV): 12xf⁸ f⁶ f⁸(+f2) b⁸ b⁶ b¹⁰ 8xa⁸ 2xa⁶ a⁸ a⁶ a-c⁸ 4xa⁸ a¹⁰: 1211 leaves, final leaves a9-10 blank.
Paper format: Imperial folio.
On the authorship of the Glossa Ordinaria see B. Smalley, The study of the Bible in the Middle Ages, ed. 3, Oxford, 1983, pp. x, 56-60.
PML copy leaf dimensions: 47.5 x 32.5 cm.

Vols. I, II, & IV: 15th-century German blind-stamped pigskin over wooden boards (49 x 35 cm), sewn on 7 supports, probably bound by the Biberach Kartäuser workshop (EBDB w004209); only tooled on the top cover. Metal corner and center pieces removed and 2 clasps missing per volume (some catch plates still present). Vol. I with German manuscript waste as rear endleaf, incomplete legal text mentioning a "Conrad Kaczenberger und Kathreyen sein Tochter" with references to Nuremberg, Langenstadt, and a house on the Judengasse in Kulmnach (Kulmbach?). Vol. III 15th-century German blind-stamped pigskin over wooden boards (49.5 x 35 cm), sewn on 5 supports, possibly bound by the Bamberg Minoritenkloster (EBDB w000078/Kyriss 6, active 1471-1529, "Nach Ferdinand Geldner hat der Franziskanermönch Konrad Hallerdorfer (ca. 1437-1517) 'die meisten Bände' des Minoritenklosters gebunden."). Vol. I with paper shelfmark label on top cover: II with shelfmark and title labels, title label missing metal frame; III with evidence of title label, now missing; IV with paper shelfmark label. Vols. I, II, and IV with chain attached to upper edge of lower board; vol. III missing chain.

Hand decoration: Vols. I, II, and IV with contemporary rubrication, alternating red and blue initials and paragraph marks, red capital strokes and underlining; primary initial with penwork decoration including jingle-bell motifs and heart pierced by an arrow (vol. I, leaf a1r). Vol. III with contemporary rubrication, red and blue initials and paragraph marks, and red capital strokes; primary initials with red/blue/green penwork decoration. Annotations: No marginal notations in text, throughout all volumes.

Vols. I, II, & IV: unidentified round paper label with blue frame, inscribed 870, partially torn away (vol. II, under front pastedown); Pierpont Morgan Library, purchased from Bernard Quaritch, June 1929. Vol. III: Bamberg, Franciscans, St. Anna, inscription: "Pro Conventu Bamberg: FF: Min:," 17th/18th century (vol. III, leaf b1r); Pierpont Morgan Library, purchased from Bernard Quaritch, June 1929.