Biblia latina.

Accession number: 
PML 22164
Uniform title: 
Bible. Latin. 1466.
[Strasbourg] : [Heinrich Eggestein], [not after 24 May 1466]
[496] leaves ; 41 cm (fol.)
Credit Line: 
Purchased by Junius Spencer Morgan, 1923.

Title and imprint from ISTC.
Printed in Eggestein's type 1:126G.
One of the Munich copies bears the rubricator's date 24 May 1466. The date 1466 is found in copies at Augsburg StB, München BSB and Wolfenbüttel Herzog AugustB, the latter in the hand of Johann Bämler (GW).
Collation: [1-10¹⁰ 11-12¹²; 13-21¹⁰ 22-24¹²; 25-30¹⁰ 31¹² 32⁹ 33-34¹⁰ 35¹² 36¹⁰ 37¹¹ 38-42¹⁰ 43-44¹² 45-47¹⁰ 48⁸]: 496 leaves, leaves [48]/7-8 blank.
Paper format: Royal folio.
PML copy is vol. 1 only (quires [1-24]).
PML copy leaf dimensions: 39.8 x 29.5 cm.

Contemporary German blind-stamped sheepskin(?) over wooden boards (41 x 30 cm), sewn on 4 supports, probably bound in Augsburg, with a combination of tools similar to those assigned to the Kreuz frei workshop (also known as Kreuzblumen-Buchbinder, EBDB w000967/Kyriss 89, active 1447-1469), and the Wundervogel workshop (also known as Fuchsvogel-Meister I, EBDB w001512/Kyriss 90, active 1468-1476), both binderies often associated with the printer Johann Schussler; stamps are heavily worn. Plain paper pastedowns and endleaves; braided leather endbands. 5 bosses on each board, 2 clatch plates but clasps missing.

Hand decoration: Contemporary Augsburg rubrication, alternating red and blue initials, red rubrics, headlines, and capital strokes; primary initials illuminated with foliate decoration (leaves [1]/1r and [1]/4r, perhaps by Hainrich Molitor), remainder of primary initials with penwork decoration (this decoation not of Molitor's style, however). Annotations: No marginal notations in text. Contemporary manuscript quire signatures, Arabic numbers at bottom-center of first folio for quire, with Arabic numerals for leaves through quire [22] then alpha-numeric signatures for quires [23-24]. Manuscript title on bottom edge: "Prima pars Biblie."

Junius Spencer Morgan, purchased from V.A. Heck (Vienna), Oct. 1923.