Incomincia el vocabulista ecclesiastico.

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PML 78400
Giovanni Bernardo, -1503 or 1504.
Impressum inclite civitatis Mediolani : per Magistrum Alexandrum Pelizonum, M.ccccc. Die .xx3. Mensis Marcii [23 March 1500].
[84] leaves ; 14.5 cm (8vo)
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Purchased on the Streeter Bequest, 1985.

Title from caption, leaf a1r.
Imprint from colophon, leaf l4r: Impressum Inclite civitatis Mediolani: per solertem opificem Magistrum Alexandrum Pelizonum. M.ccccc. Die .xx3. Mensis Marcii.
Printed in type 73G.
Signatures: a-k⁸ l⁴: 84 leaves.
Paper format: Chancery octavo.
1 column, 32 lines. 2 capital spaces, with printed guide letters (leaf a1r), otherwise printed initials.
Author also known as Giovanni Bernardo Forte, see Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani.
PML copy leaf dimensions: 14.4 x 9.8 cm.
PML copy with bottom of leaf l4 torn away and replaced.

16th-century Italian paper boards (14.5 x 10 cm) with long-stitch sewing on 2 supports, evidence of alum tawed leather previously covering the boards. Plain paper pastedowns and rear endleaf. 2 ties, missing.
Variant Title: 

Vocabulista ecclesiastico


Hand decoration: Rubrication unrealized. Annotations: Early inscription, illegible (rear pastedown), and alphabet (rear endleaf 1 verso). Marginal reader's marks and verse numerals for some biblical citations. Modern paper spine label with author/title.

Bologna, San Michele in Bosco, Olivetan monastery, inscription, partially abraded/visible under UV: "Del Novitiate de Sto. Michele in Bosco [too abraded to read]," 16th century (leaf a1r); Ferrara, San Michele, Benedictines, inscription: "Die 26 Oct. 1522 Nos fratris Michael volat[?] congregationis montis olivetis humilis Abbas Gen[?] Contedimus huius librari usum fratri [crossed out: Bartho de Morbet[??], written over with: Michaeli de Ferraria] sunta tri[?] proprietate monthis [crossed out: .L. Marie de [??], written over with: M [illegible/abraded]] Fratris Michaelis de Ferrara" (leaf l4v); Pierpont Morgan Library, purchased from Lathrop C. Harper on the Streeter Bequest, 1985.