De civitate dei.

Accession number: 
PML 15122
Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo.
[Strasbourg] : [Johann Mentelin], [not after 1468]
[336] leaves ; 37 cm (fol.)
Credit Line: 
Purchased by Pierpont Morgan, 1907.

Title and imprint from ISTC.
Printed in Mentelin's types 2b:112G and 3:92G.
The Lindau, Manchester and Osaka copies have rubricator's dates "1468".
Collation: [1-5¹⁰ 6⁸; 7¹⁰; 8-12¹⁰; 13-14¹⁰; 15-17¹⁰ 18⁸; 19-20¹⁰; 21-24¹⁰ 25-26⁸; 27-30¹⁰; 31-33¹⁰ 34⁸ 35⁶]: 336 leaves, leaf [35]/6 blank.
Paper format: Royal folio.
Commentary by Thomas Waleys and Nicolaus Trivet.
PML copy leaf dimensions: 35.7 x 28 cm.
PML copy missing 1 leaf: [35]/6 (blank).

Full English gilt-tooled navy blue crushed morocco over paper boards (37 x 30 cm), sewn on 6 supports by Riviere & Son. Marbled paper pastedowns and endleaves, with plain paper endleaves; decorative endbands; gilt edges.

Hand decoration: Contemporary rubrication in three different hands/stints, 1) quires [1-14]: alternating red and light blue initials and headlines, red rubrics, marginal chapter numbers (with manuscript guides), boxes around inset text, and capital strokes; 2) quires [15-26]: similar to previous but without blue and inset text boxed and underlined; 3) quires [27-35] (Commentary): red rubrication, initials, headlines (textura hand), paragraph marks, underlining, and capital strokes. Annotations: No significant marginal notations in text.

Landshut (Bavaria), Franciscans, inscription: "Ad mi[n[ores i[n] landczhut. a.," 15th century (leaf [35]/5v); Joseph Schaerl, inscription: "Jos. Schaerl Paroch. in Kirchbuch 1810" (leaf [1]/1r); Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913), purchased from J. Pearson & Co., May 1907.