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PML 21194-95
[Venice] : [Andreas Torresanus, de Asula and Bartholomaeus de Blavis, de Alexandria (in part for Johannes de Colonia)], 1483.
[118, 160, 120, 98, 132, 104] leaves ; 42.5 x 29 cm.
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Purchased by J.P. Morgan, Jr., 1919.

Title from ISTC.
Issued in 8 parts, dated: I.1) for Johannes de Colonia, 1 Feb. 1483; I.2) 2 Oct. 1483; II.1.1) 27 May 1483; II.1.2) 25 Sept. 1483; II.2.1) 12 Sept. 1483; II.2.2) 8 Oct. 1483; III.1) 25 Oct. 1483; III.2) for Johannes de Colonia, 3 Feb. 1483.
Printed in types 3:74G and 8:93G.
Collation: Vol. I, part 1 (Organon, or Isagoge): a-b⁶ c⁴ d¹⁰ e⁶ f¹⁰ g-k⁶ l⁸ m⁶ n⁸ o-p⁶ q¹⁰ ⁸: 118 leaves; Vol. I, part 2 (Physica): AA-UU⁸: 160 leaves; Vol. II, part 1 (De caelo et mundo): a-h⁸; aa-dd⁸ ee⁶ ff⁸ gg¹⁰: 120 leaves; Vol. II, part 2 (De anima and De sensu et sensato etc.): A¹⁰ B-F⁸ G-H⁶ I-L⁸ M-N⁶: 98 leaves; Vol. III, part 1 (Metaphysica): [1]⁴; 1-12⁸ 13¹⁰ 14⁸ 15⁸ 16⁶: 132 leaves; Vol. III, part 2 (Ethica ad Nicomachum, Politica, and Oeconomica): A-C⁶ CC⁸ D-Q⁶: 104 leaves.
Paper format: Royal folio
Commentary by Averroës.
Edited by Nicoletus Vernia.
PML copy on vellum.
PML copy leaf dimensions: vol. I: 40.9 x 27 cm. and vol. II: 41 x 28 cm.
PML copy bound in 2 volumes. Vol. I bound: (Physica) AA-UU⁸; (De caelo et mundo) a-h⁸; aa-dd⁸ ee⁶ ff⁸ gg¹⁰; (Meteorologica from De anima) L⁸ M-N⁶; (De anima) A¹⁰ B-F⁸ G-H⁶ I-K⁸; (Vernias's preface to Metaphysica) [1]⁴. Vol. II bound: (Metaphysica) 1-12⁸ 13¹⁰ 14⁸ 15⁸ 16⁶; (Ethica etc.) A-C⁶ CC⁸ D-Q⁶; (Organon) a-b⁶ c⁴ d¹⁰ e⁶ f¹⁰ g-k⁶ l⁸ m⁶ n⁸ o-p⁶ q¹⁰ ⁸.
PML copy missing 9 leaves: leaves q10 (I.1), UU8 (I.2), a1 (II.1), ee6 (II.1), gg10 (II.1), A1 (II.2), H6 (II.2), N6 (II.2) and [1]/1 (III.1).

Both volumes: 18th-century(?) English gilt-tooled calf over heavy paper boards (42.5 x 29 cm.), sewn on 6 bands; hinges repaired. Marbled paper pastedowns and fly leaves with plain paper fly leaves; decorative endbands; gilt edges.

Hand decoration: Illuminated frontispieces by Girolamo da Cremona (leaves AA2r (Physica) and 1/1r (Metaphysica)); illuminated frontispiece (leaf a1r (Porphyry)), illuminated and penwork initials by Benedetto Bordon; illuminated initials by Antonio Maria della Villafora; penwork decoration on minor initials in 3 hands (unidentified hand, Bordon, and Villafora), some undecorated or unrealized, alternating red and blue paragraph marks. Unfinished initials: vol. I, leaf I5v and vol. II, leaf d2r. Annotations: No marginal notations in either volume.

Peter Ugelheimer (d. 1488), of Frankfurt and Vienna, frontispiece inscription: "Ulmer Aristotilem Petrus Produxe[r]at Orbi" (leaf AA2r of Physica) and coat of arms (leaf i1r of Organon); Bertram Ashburnham, Earl of Ashburnham (1797-1878), shelf mark: W2 (top board of both vols.), his sale, Sotheby's, 25 June 1897, lot 143; Henry Yates Thompson (1838-1928), Ex museo booklabel, no. 43 (front pastedown of both vols.), his sale, Sotheby's (London), 3 June 1919, lot XXX, to Quaritch (with collation note by F.S. Ferguson, 6 June 1919) for: J.P. Morgan, Jr. (1867-1943), purchased June 1919.