Eis Organon Aristotelous.

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PML 1126
Impressum Venetiis : Aldi Manucii Romani, Calendis novembris. M.CCCC.LXXXXV [1 November 1495].
[234] leaves : ill. ; 31 cm (fol.)
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Purchased with the Toovey collection, 1899.

Title from leaf A1r.
Imprint from colophon (leaf s6r): "Impressum Venetiis dexteritate Aldi Manucii Romani. Calendis novembris. M.CCCC.LXXXXV."
Collation: A-C⁸ [Delta]⁸ E-K⁸ L-N⁶; a-c⁸ d-e⁶; f-i⁸ [kappa]⁸ l-q⁸ r-s⁶: 234 leaves.
Paper format: Super-chancery folio
Printed in Manutius's types 1:146Gr and 3:108R.
Edited by Aldus Manutius and Alexander Bondinus. Includes Greek epigrams and prefatory letters by Aldus Manutius and Scipione Forteguerri, and a foreword by Alexander Bondinus.
Manutius issued the entire Opera in five parts, dated: I) Organon, 1 Nov. 1495 (PML 1126/ChL 989); II) Physica, Feb. 1497 (PML 1127/ChL 997, PML 19117/ChL 997 c. 2); III) De animalibus, 29 Jan. 1497 (PML 1128/ChL 995); IV) Theophrastus, De historia plantarum, 1 June 1497 (PML 1129-1130/ChL 998, PML 34896/ChL 998 c. 2, pt. 1 only); V) Ethica ad Nicomachum, June 1498 (PML 1131/ChL 1008).
The first of the volumes of Aristoteles's Opera printed by Aldus Manutius in 1495-1498, but considered by him to form an independent work (cf. Walsh 2630).
The last two words of leaf a7r read either "episēmais apodeiktikais" or (correctly) "apodeiktikais episēmais" (cf. BMC V 553).
Woodcut headpieces and initials; diagram on leaf I1r.
PML copy leaf dimensions: 31 x 21.1 cm

16th-century French (Paris) gold-tooled brown calf over paper boards (31.2 x 21.5 cm.), sewn on 4 supports by Claude de Picques (ca. 1501-1574/78; reliure du roi, 1555-74/78); repaired by Duprez Lahey and Carolyn Horton (condition report on inside cover of PML 1126 box). Plain paper pastedowns; plain endbands; gilt edges. 14th/15th-century French manuscript waste used as spine reinforcement, partially visible under pastedowns.
Variant Title: 

Aristotelis Opera Graece.


Hand decoration: No rubrication necessary. Annotations: No marginal notations.

Inscriptions, abraded (front pastedown and endleaf 1 recto); shelfmarks(?), 5: 15: 6 (endleaf 1 recto) and 196 (endleaf 1 verso); Joseph Juste Scaliger (1540-1609) (note in Heber catalogue), Scaliger sale, Leyden, 11 March 1609, p. 10; Gerard Meerman (1722-1771) and Johann Meerman (1753-1815), Bibliotheca Meermanniana sale, The Hague, 1824, p. 216, no. 466; Richard Heber (1773-1833), Bibliotheca Heberiana sale, Sotheby's, Part I, 10 April 1834, lot 503, purchased by Payne and Foss; Mr. Miller of Lincoln's Inn (maybe William Henry Miller (d. 1848) or John Miller (d. 1841), see Acheson note); Archibald Acheson, Earl of Gosford (1806-1864), bibliographical note citing earlier provenance (formerly in box with PML 1126, now in departmental file), purchased from Bohn, entire library purchased in 1878 by: James Toovey (1814-1893), bookplate (front pastedown), through inheritance to his son: Charles J. Toovey (1848-1925), entire library purchased in 1899 by: Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913), purchased with the Toovey collection, 1899.