Agenda Moguntinensis.

Accession number: 
PML 79723
Mainz : [Johann Neumeister], [29 June 1480].
[38] leaves ; 23 cm (4to)
Credit Line: 
Purchased as the gift of Mrs. Donald M. Oenslager, by exchange, 1988.

Title from ISTC.
Imprint from colophon, leaf [4]/10r: Anno d[omi]ni .M cccclxxx. tercio k[a]l[enda]s Iulij : p[re]sens cla[rum] diuinu[m] q[ue] opus. in p[re]celsa Ciuitate Magu[n]tina. p[re]side[n]te diuo Diethero archiep[iscop]o magu[n]ti[n]o. Ad dei laude[m] et gloria[m] feliciter est consumatu[m].
Printed in Neumeister's types 2:141G and 3:90G.
Collation: [1-2¹⁰ 3⁸ 4¹⁰]: 38 leaves.
Paper format: Median quarto(?).
Edited by Diether von Isenburg, Archbishop of Mainz.
Text printed in black and red, with red-printed initials; primary initials are metalcut O with the arms of Diether von Isenberg, printed in red and blue. Large metalcut at colophon of St. Martin administering to the poor.
PML copy is 1 leaf only: leaf [2]/3 (leaf 13).
PML leaf dimensions: 23 x 18.5 cm.

Not bound; in folder.

Hand decoration: Rubrication not required. Annotations: No marginal notations in text.

PML leaf previously used as waste to cover another book, inscribed "1593 FF" on the recto; Albi Rosenthal (London), cat. II (1941), no. 70; Pierpont Morgan Library, purcased from Lathrop C. Harper, Inc. as the gift of Mrs. Donald M. Oenslager, by exchange, Feb. 1988.