The French Concept of World History (in Sixty Feet)

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This comprehensive scroll outlines the history of the world from Creation to King Louis XI of France (r. 1461-83).  At its most expansive, it parallels five lines of descent:  the popes, Holy Roman Emperors, and kings of France, England, and the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.  With sixty-six miniatures, it is the most fully illustrated copy known.  By his own reckoning, the anonymous compiler covers 6,000 years of history, which concludes with France as the world’s superpower.

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This online exhibition was presented in conjunction with the exhibition Now and Forever: The Art of Medieval Time, on view January 26 through April 29, 2018.

Chronique anonyme universelle, in French
Northern France, 1473-83
MS M.1157, roundels 17 through 29
Melvin R. Seiden Collection, 2007