Paul Cézanne Sketchbook

Cézanne used this plain, linen-bound sketchbook for roughly a decade (1875-85) at a time when he was particularly engaged with drawing. It includes studies of the Provençal landscape, Paris rooftops, and informal portraits of his wife, son, and friends, such as Pissarro and Émile Zola. On other pages Cézanne depicted objects in Zola’s house in Médan, revealing the intimacy of their friendship, which would be sundered by Zola’s publication of L’oeuvre (The Masterpiece) in 1886.

Paul Cézanne
French; 1839–1906
Sketchbook, in use ca. 1875–85
Seventy-five drawings in graphite, one with watercolor
Given in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Morgan Library and the 50th anniversary of the Association of Fellows
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