Federico Zuccaro

Federico Zuccaro
(Sant'Angelo in Vado 1542/3-1609 Ancona)

Head and Shoulders of Two Young Boys and Separate Studies of a Right and a Left Arm

Black and red chalk

Gift of Janos Scholz, 1974

Item description: 

Federico was the younger brother of Taddeo, who proved the greatest influence on his work. In 1568 Federico was commissioned to paint two altarpieces for the Cathedral of Orvieto, including Christ Healing the Blind Man, preserved in the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo in Orvieto. It was not until 1570 that Federico traveled to Orvieto to fulfill the commission, painting both altarpieces in oil on slate.

This drawing comprises preparatory studies for the two young boys seen jostling among the crowd of spectators in the altarpiece Christ Healing the Blind Man. It was executed in a robust combination of black and red chalk, a technique perfected by the artist.