Biblia : quid in hac editione praestitum sit, vide in ea quam operi praeposuimus, ad lectorem epistola.

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PML 17763
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Bible. Latin. Vulgate. 1545.
Lutetiae : Ex officina Roberti Stephani ..., 1545.
5 parts in 2 v. : ill. ; 21 cm

"R. Stephanus' second 8vo ed. the Zurich version (reprinted from the edition of 1543--see no. 6124) is here printed in parallel columns with the Vulgate. The margins contain notes which profess to be drawn from memoranda made by friends of the editor during the lectures of F. Vatablus (see no. 6117), but they appear to be coloured--to some extent at least--by the religious opinions of R. Stephanus himself. Some of these notes had already appeared, together with a selection of variant readings, in a quarto edition of the Pentateuch printed by R. Stephanus in 1541"--Darlow & Moule.
An appendix contains: Diffusiores in priores psalmos annotationes, with the text of the Zurich version of Psalms I-LXXII [55, 1 p. (last page blank)].
Includes Apocrypha and Psalms at end of N.T.
Notes are incorporated in a framework around the texts.
Printer's device on t.p.
The Zurich version (C. Froschauer, 1543) is here printed in parallel columns with the Vulgate, which is in the inside margin and the Zurich version on the outside margin. The inside margin contains subject headings, references and variants, while the outside margin contains notes.
Title surrounded by decorative frame.
Written on the flyleaves at end: "A coppy of his [?] aculations [?] pronounced to King James by ye bp. of Lincolne by myselfe written out of King James his booke wch he allwaies used in ye chappell, in the autographof and signed by Sir William Paddy (1554-1634), with his note concerning King James two days before his death.

Gilt-tooled calf, dated 1552, by Wotton Binder III for Thomas Wotton, in a dark brown morocco slip case.
The inside upper covers contain the names of Richard, George, and Francis Nevill and William Drury.