Augustarum imagines aereis formis expressae : vitae quoque earundem breviter enarratae, signorum etiam, quae in posteriori parte numismatu[m] efficta su[n]t / ratio explicata ab Aenea Vico Parmense ...

Accession number: 
PML 1660
Vico, Enea, 1523-1567, engraver.
Venetiis : [P. Manutius Aldus], 1558.
Purchased with the Toovey collection, 1899.
[20], 192, [4] p. : ill., (engravings), ports. ; 25 cm.

Engraved t.p. with architectural border.
Translation by N. Conti of: Le Imagini delle donne auguste intagliate in istampa di rame. Vinegia, 1557. Cf. BM v. 248, c. 376.
Translated from the Italian into Latin.
"De même que le volume des médailles des Césars, de 1554, celui-ci quoique sans nom d'imprimeur, est certainement de l'imprimerie de Paul Manuce: même lettres capitales historiées, même caractères que dans ses autres éditions." Cf. A.A. Renouard, Annales de l'imprimerie des Alde.
Includes 63 numbered engraved full page plates of portraits of Roman women on coins in architectural settings.
"Errata sic corrigenda" at end.

Light brown morocco over pasteboard (25 x 18 cm), gold-tooled, onlays of red, light and dark green, and dark brown morocco in the design of a terminus surrounded by arabesque ornaments, by the King's Binder, Geneva, about 1560. Arabesque pattern on spine; gilt edges.
[Likely shares provenance with PML 1661.1-2: Georg Sigismund Prakschicky von Zastrisel (1582-1614, Moravian noble active in Geneva), inscription and painted armorial of John Ruthven, 3rd Earl of Gowrie (1578?-1600) commemorating visit with Zastrisel, dated 7 March 1598/99, "In gratia[m] gen[erosissi]mi et nobil[issi]mi D[omi]ni D. Georgij Sigismu[n]do P. a Zastrisel Joannes Ruthven Comes de Gourye, Scotus, scribeba[m] Geneuae, die Mart. 7. An[no] D[omini] 1598" (front endleaf 2r of PML 1661); Petřvald family of Moravia, armorial bookplate with motto "Candore et Vigilantia" (front pastedown of PML 1661), likely through inheritance: Georg Sigimund's daughter, Kunhuta Kateřina (1603-1654) married Bernard Diviš Petřvald (1590-1644)]; Archibald Acheson, Earl of Gosford (1806-1864), armorial booklabel and shelfmark: E4 (front pastedown), purchased from Bohn in 1834, entire library purchased in 1878 by: James Toovey (1814-1893), through inheritance to his son: Charles J. Toovey (1848-1925), Burnham Abbey booklabel (front pastedown), entire library purchased by: Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913), purchased with the Toovey collection, 1899.