Missale monasticum s[ecundu]m more[m] [et] ritu[m] Casinensis congregationis : al[ia]s s[an]cte Iustine cum multis missis de novo additis.

Accession number: 
PML 1469
[Venice : Luca-Antonio Giunta, 3 April 1515]
[16], 304 leaves : ill. (woodcuts).

"xxix kalendas maias" is irregular.
Collates as given by Weale-Bohatta. A few ms. corrections have been made to the calendar.
Collation: 320 leaves = 16 leaves and 304 unnumbered leaves.
Colophon: ... divini Georgii maioris auspiciis diligentissime revisum correctum [et] emendatum, ac marginalibus co[n]cordantiis decoratum feliciter explicit: Venetiisq[ue] per d[omi]n[u]m Lucantonium de giu[n]tis flore[n]tinu[m] accuratissime i[m]pressu[m]: Anno a salutifera i[n]carnatione q[ui]nge[n]tesimodecimoq[ui]nto supramillesimu[m]. xxix kal[endas] maias.
Contains 19 full-page woodcuts, numerous smaller ones, and borders, with historiated initials. Woodcut of St. Benedict on title page, Giunta's device on colophon. Gothic type in two columns.
Contains chants for Good Friday, Blessing of Candles, Prefaces, Blessing of Water, Epiphany, Easter, Ascension, Pentecost, Votive Mass of the Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity, and BVM, Prefaces for Palm Sunday, Holy Cross, Apostles and Evangelists, and Octaves.
Contains music.
Printed in red and black.
Signatures: +⁸, ++⁸, A-Z⁸, AA-PP⁸ [$4 (-+₁₂, A₁, B₁,₃,₄, C₃, Q₃, S₂, T₁, U₂, U₂, AA₂, BB₁, LL₃) signed].
With calendar.

Bound in old stamped red morocco, two clasps wanting, gilt edges, tooled and rebacked.
Toovey collection ; Lord Gosford's copy.