Central of Georgia Railway Company first preference income bonds : syndicate records, 1897 July 1.

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ARC 108
1897 July 1.

Two manuscript pages with 3 sheets inserted: 1 July 1897 (1 sheet reproducing 2 letters, one from Harvey Fisk & Sons to J.P. Morgan & Co., the other from H.M. Comer to Harvey Fisk & Sons); 26-29 June 1897 (2 sheets reproducing 5 letters/telegrams from S. Spenser, H.M. Comer, and Harvey Fisk)


In one volume of a twelve volume set of syndicate books recording financial transactions of J.P. Morgan & Co. from 1895 to 1933.

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United States New York (State) New York.
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J.P. Morgan & Co. Syndicate books Vol. 1, p. 197-98.