Pierpont Morgan at the White Star pier, 1912

Shortly after testifying in the Pujo hearings in 1912, Morgan left with friends and family on a trip to Egypt. During his trip he became nervous and slipped into depression. An Egyptian doctor examined him and pronounced him well. His condition continued to decline, however, as the party traveled to Rome. On March 31, 1913, just shy of his seventy-sixth birthday, Pierpont Morgan died in his sleep at the Grand Hotel. Nearly four thousand condolence letters were received there overnight and flags on Wall Street flew at half-mast. The body was taken by train to Paris and Le Havre, and Morgan's daughter Louisa and son-in-law Herbert Satterlee followed the casket as it was loaded onto the France. In the background French soldiers stood at attention.

Upon returning to New York, Morgan's body was laid out in his Library and a memorial service took place at St. George's Episcopal Church. Pierpont Morgan was then buried in Hartford.