Cornel West: Reflections on Austen

Cornel West comments on Jane Austen and the human condition.

Siri Hustvedt: Reflections on Austen

Siri Hustvedt describes Jane Austen's mastery of language.

Humphry Repton's Red Books

Curator John Bidwell discusses Humphrey Repton's Red Books.

Colm Tóibín: Reflections on Austen

In conjunction with the film The Divine Jane: Reflections on Austen, the Morgan produced additional short films featuring each of the participants. In this video, Colm Tóibín describes the relationship between his latest novel Brooklyn and Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

Sandy Lerner: Reflections on Austen

Sandy Lerner discusses her deep connection to Jane Austen's works.

Harriet Walter: Reflections on Austen

Harriet Walter reflects on playing various characters from Austen's novels.

Fran Lebowitz: Reflections on Austen

Fran Lebowitz explains why she thinks Austen is popular for all the wrong reasons.

The Divine Jane: Reflections on Austen

The Divine Jane: Reflections on Austen, a short documentary film specially commissioned for the exhibition A Woman's Wit: Jane Austen's Life and Legacy, examines the influence of Austen's fiction—and her enduring fame—through interviews with leading writers, scholars, and actors.

Collecting William Blake

Former director Charles Ryskamp examines five works from his private collection that he generously donated to the Morgan. All five are on view in the exhibition William Blake's World: "A New Heaven Is Begun," (September 11, 2009, through January 3, 2010).

Music Manuscripts at the Morgan

The James Fuld Collection of music manuscripts, renowned for its outstanding first-edition scores, was formally acquired by the Morgan in 2008. The collection also contains exemplary manuscripts, including a sketch by Beethoven for his Seventh Symphony.

Manuscripts and Letters of Oscar Wilde

Curator Christine Nelson discusses the life and work of Oscar Wilde as she looks closely at a recently rediscovered volume of his letters and manuscripts.

New at the Morgan

Philippe de Montebello interviews Isabelle Dervaux, Curator, Modern and Contemporary Drawings, about the exhibition New at the Morgan: Acquisitions Since 2004. Presenting over one hundred works that underscore the great scope of the Morgan's collecting interests, New at the Morgan includes old master and modern drawings, literary and musical manuscripts, illuminated texts, and rare printed books and bindings.

Philippe de Montebello interviews William Griswold

Philippe de Montebello interviews William M. Griswold, former director of The Morgan Library & Museum, about the life of Pierpont Morgan, the founding of the Morgan, and the Morgan's collections and historic architecture.

Protecting the Word: Bookbindings of the Morgan

Curator H. George Fletcher discusses several highlights from the exhibition Protecting the Word: Bookbindings of the Morgan, including a bejeweled eighth-century binding used on the famous Lindau Gospels.