Gouache, Ink, Toner, or Is It Dirty Water? The Drawing Materials of Al Taylor (Cancelled)

This program has been cancelled. We will be in contact if we are able to reschedule the program at a later date. Please contact tickets@themorgan.org with any questions.

Lindsey Tyne
Al Taylor is often noted for the fluidity with which he moved between two and three dimensions in his artwork, creating overlaps among drawing, printmaking, painting, and sculpture. As a result, in his drawings he used unexpected material combinations that deserve close attention. Lindsey Tyne, Associate Paper Conservator in the Thaw Conservation Center, will discuss Taylor’s deliberate choice of paper and mixing of typical and atypical drawing media to achieve his intended visual effects—puddles and stains look like puddles and stains, shadows like shadows, and twisted wire like twisted wire.

The exhibition The Drawings of Al Taylor will be open for program attendees.


Wednesday, April 1, 2020, 12 PM

Al Taylor’s East Nineteenth Street studio, April 1999. Estate of Al Taylor archives. Photography by Glenn Steigelman. © The Estate of Al Taylor. 


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