Teresa Feng, 8th grade

Reincarnated Love

JHS 227 Edward B. Shallow
My book is a love story between a dragon immortal and a human girl. They both love each other very much, but one day God decided to separate them. Yuno rebelled against God, went against heaven, and was punished. God made them both drink “luminous tea,” a beverage used to erase memories. The reincarnated Lulu was left with a mark that she felt it affected her beauty. One day she met Yuno (now a stranger) and he admired the mark on her forehead. When he complimented her, she regained some of her memory. As their relationship grew, more and more memories surfaced until they were living happily ever after.

I used natural water-based paints, watercolor paper, cardboard, and scrap paper to make my book. Some inspiration came from my imagination and pictures that I saw in my mind. This book has influenced me to create more art, which I love. It has given me more ideas for my future writing. My favorite part of the story and illustration is that Lulu and Yuno have a happy ending.