Illuminating a Story: The Book of Ruth

Inspired by the exhibition The Book of Ruth: Medieval to Modern, families will “take a page” from contemporary artist Barbara Wolff and learn how to make pigments. Participants will grind materials such as saffron, insects, and malachite to create vibrant colors, then paint their own image inspired by the manuscripts displayed in the exhibition. The biblical story from the book of Ruth will be discussed, and its enduring values of friendship and family.

Appropriate for ages 6-14.

Sunday, February 23, 2020, 11 AM–1 PM
$20; $15 for members.

Each ticket is valid for one child and up to two adults; for each child thereafter, an additional ticket is required. Program consists of a thirty minute gallery experience followed by a ninety minute art-making activity. Materials included.

Please call (212) 685-0008 ext. 560 or e-mail for information.