Don Juan : autograph manuscript, the first draft of Cantos I-V : Venice and Ravenna, 1818 July 3-1819 Nov. 30 and 1820 Oct. 16-Nov. 27.

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MA 56
Byron, George Gordon Byron, Baron, 1788-1824.
Purchased by Pierpont Morgan, 1900.
1 item (303 p.), unbound ; size varies

High reserve.
The manuscript is unsigned.
The Morgan also holds the autograph manuscript of Canto XIII of Don Juan (MA 3001).
Watermark: On p.2, Bird on pedestal, on MA 56. Watermark, beta radiograph, p2. Bird, dove, pedestal.
Watermark: Bird with two tail feathers, on pedestal on MA 56, p.4. Watermark, beta radiograph, p4. Bird, dove, pedestal.
Watermark: Countermark: Letters "P (flower) "G" with fleur-de-lis above on p.4 Watermark (countermark), beta radiograph, p4. "P, G, lily, flower.
Watermark: Cupid with wings holding banner "SUL MASSO" on MA 56, p.5 Watermark, beta radiograph, p5. Cupid, putto, wings, banner, Sul Masso.
Watermark: Three mushroom shaped hats with tassel, on MA 56, p.9. Watermark, beta radiograph, p9.
Watermark: Countermark: Letters "P" (flower) "G" on MA 56, p.9. Watermark (countermark), beta radiograph, p9.
Watermark: Lion on MA 56, p. 19. Watermark, beta radiograph, p19.
Watermark: Lion with long tail, beard and crown on land, on MA 56, p.32. Watermark, beta radiograph, p32.
Watermark: Countermark: Letters "FFA" on MA 56, p.32. Watermark (countermark), beta radiograph, p32.

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MA 57: Blue cloth drop-spine box (43.6 cm)
Purchased by Pierpont Morgan from the London dealer Sotheran, 1900.