MS M.1044, fols. 83v–84r

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Gaston III Phœbus, Count of Foix

Livre de la chasse

Paris, France
ca. 1406–1407
381 x 290 mm

Bequest of Clara S. Peck, 1983

MS M. 1044
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Hunting and Slaying the Wild Boar
Boar hunting could take a long time, as part of the strategy was to tire the animal before striking, both to spare the hounds from being killed or severely injured, and to protect the hunter. Phoebus suggested that horsemen going in for the kill ride against the boar, avoiding the direction in which a spear had been thrown, as he had seen horses and horsemen killed by errant spears that hit the ground, impaling the horse. In the miniature, three different weapons are about to be used: one of the noblemen has raised his spear, the other a sword, and the standing hunter has just loaded his crossbow with an arrow from his quiver. A pack of eight hounds joins the pursuit.


Image courtesy of Faksimile Verlag Luzern