MS M.1044, fols. 63v–64r

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Gaston III Phœbus, Count of Foix

Livre de la chasse

Paris, France
ca. 1406–1407
381 x 290 mm

Bequest of Clara S. Peck, 1983

MS M. 1044
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Hunting the Wild Boar
The hunt of the wild boar was not much different from that of the stag. The same rules were followed, and the dogs and horses were used in the same way. Here the lymerer and his lymer have already moved (dislodged) the boar, and an elegantly dressed nobleman leads the charge. One of his huntsmen is about to spear the animal. The horns have been sounded and the grooms are about to release more hounds. Phoebus stated that, when hunting a boar in winter, gray, not green, was to be worn.


Image courtesy of Faksimile Verlag Luzern