Calf bindings (Binding)

Textus sententiarum cum conclusionibus magistri Henrici Gorichem, [et] concordantiis Biblie ac Canonu[m].

Peter Lombard, Bishop of Paris, approximately 1100-1160.
[Lyon] : opera Johannis Pyvard, Millesimu[m] quaterq[ue] centesimu[m] nonagesimonono. Quarto vero idus septe[m]bris [10 September 1499].
PML 22073

The boke intituled Eracles and also of Godefrey of Boloyne.

Westminster : William Caxton, 20 November 1481.
PML 777

The dictes or sayengis of the philosophres.

Westmestre : enprynted by me William Caxton, the yere of our lord .M.CCCC.Lxxvii [1477, before 18 November]
PML 773

The historie of Philip de Commines Knight, Lord of Argenton.

Commynes, Philippe de, approximately 1447-1511.
[London] : Imprinted at London by Ar. Hatfield, for I. Norton, 1601.
PML 77753

The Newe Testament ... / translated out of Greeke by Theod Beza, and Englished by L.T. ...

London : Deputies of Christopher Barker, 1596.
PML 127597

The pylgremage of the sowle.

Guillaume, de Deguileville, active 14th century.
Westminster : William Caxton, 6 June 1483.
PML 20892

The Ryal book.

Laurentius, Frater.
[Westminster] : [William Caxton], [about 1486]
PML 698

The seasons / by James Thomson.

Thomson, James, 1700-1748.
London : Printed for J. Murray, 1778.
PML 49210

The Whole workes of W. Tyndall, Iohn Frith, and Doct. Barnes : three worthy Martyrs, and principall teachers of this Churche of England, collected and compiled in one Tome togither ...

Tyndale, William, -1536.
At London : Printed by Iohn Daye ..., 1573-1572.
PML 17032.1

Theorica musice Franchini Gafuri laudensis.

Gaffurius, Franchinus, 1451-1522.
Impressum Mediolani : per magistrum Philippum Mantegatium dictum Cassanum opera & impensa magistri Ioannis Petri de Lomatio, anno salutis M.cccc.Lxxxxii. die xv Decembris [15 December 1492].
PML 391