Civil-war era surveyor's kit (?) [realia].

Embroidered letter case [realia].

[Early 18th century]
PML 152641

Folded paper boat made for a child [realia].

Hawthorne, Nathaniel, 1804-1864.
MA 3400 (19)

Fragment of an ivory paper cutter from the Hawthorne family [realia].

MA 3400 (4)

Fragment of faille ribbon with embroidered edge, made by Sophia Hawthorne for an infant's garment [realia].

Hawthorne, Sophia Peabody, 1809-1871.
MA 3400 (9)

Fragment of the flag surrendered to General George Washington by Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown [realia].

MA 488.142

Fragments of a flag collected from Stirling Castle by a member of the Hawthorne family [realia].

MA 3400 (10)

Fragments of Martha Washington's wedding dress and lace [realia].

MA 488.144

Fragments of white embroidery [realia].

Hawthorne, Sophia Peabody, 1809-1871.
MA 3400 (SH97)

Hair clipping, possibly of Nathaniel Hawthorne's sister, Elizabeth Manning Hawthorne [realia].

19th cent.
MA 649.12