Lock of Julian Hawthorne's baby hair [realia].

ca. 1846
MA 3400 (11)

Mechanical birds [realia] : artistic, instructive, and full of surprises : can be placed in hundreds of different life-like attitudes.

England?, ca. 1890.
JPW 10784

Medal with legend "Rowland Hill / Originator of the penny postage system / 1840" [realia].

MA 4500 (51)

Medal with legend "Victoria Regina" [realia].

Wyon, William, 1795-1851.
London, 1837.
MA 4500 (50)

Metal snail given to Rose Hawthorne by her sister, Una [realia].

MA 3400 (7)

Metal trunk used to house the Bowerswell papers [realia].

Mineral samples (11) collected by John Ruskin [realia].

Miniature models of the Edsel sedan and Edsel convertible automobiles [realia].

MA 1909.17-18

Modeling tools and crayon stumps used by Sophia Hawthorne [realia].

MA 3400 (1)

Mother of pearl tool, possibly a paper cutter, from the Hawthorne family [realia].

MA 3400 (6)