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The images below are accompanied by brief citations. If you wish to know more about these works follow the link to the full CORSAIR record.

Watteau, Antoine.
Seated Young Woman. Ca. 1716.
Acc. no. I, 278a
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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Symphony in D Major,
K. 385 (the "Haffner" Symphony).
Autograph manuscript, 1782. Cary 483
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Winged hero with scimitar, bull, and lion.
Neo-Babylonian, 701- 601 B.C.
Morgan Seal 747
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Detail from Moralized Bible.
France, 1227-1234. MS M.240, fol. 8

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Edgar Allan Poe, Tamerlane.
Autograph fragment, 1828? MA 570
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Printer's mark of Aldus Manutius
on title page of Ovid's Opera.
Venice, 1502-1503. PML 1508
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The Magnet thumbnail "The Magnet." Editorial cartoon by Joseph Keppler, Jr.
Puck magazine
New York, vol. 69, no. 1790, 21 June 1911
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