Barataria / JS f.

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James Sayers
[London] : Publd 11th March 1789 by Thos Cornell, Bruton Street, [1789
Peel 1644
[London] : Publd 11th March 1789 by Thos Cornell, Bruton Street, [1789
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Print shows the Prince of Wales seated in a magnificent dining-hall before a bare table. The Duke of Leinster (right) offers him across the table a dish of "Potatoes from Leinster"; the Prince extends his arms to take them, but turns his head to look at the forbidding Thurlow, dressed as a doctor, who stands (left) on his right. Thurlow points to the potatoes with the head of his cane, saying, "Take back the Irish Potatoes". The Prince says: "If I must not have the roast Beef let me have ye Potatoes Doctor I have paid for them". On the extreme right, behind Leinster, Sheridan tries to take a dish containing a sirloin from a beefeater, who says, "This belongs to my Master Sir." In the foreground (left) Weltje, dressed as a cook, stands looking at the Prince, his hands clasped in dismay, saying, "By Got now we sail not heb our Desert". Two colonnades of pillars recede in perspective behind the Prince; on the plinth of one is a relief of Tantalus vainly trying to drink from the vessel at his lips. In the foreground (center) are two dogs coupled together, one is Burke, in spectacles, looking hungrily at the bare table, the other is Fox, turning his back on the table and straining away from Burke. The Prince's chair is surmounted by his coronet and feathers. On a chain round Leinster's neck hangs a crowned Irish harp attached to the order of St. Patrick with its significant motto, "Quis separa[bit]." Cf. George.

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