15th century

Northern Italy, perhaps Bologna, between 1461 and 1479.
MS M.95

Valencia, Spain, ca. 1468.
MS M.450

Milan, Italy, ca. 1413.
MS M.937

France, probably Troyes, ca. 1400
MS M.331

Western Croatia, between 1400 and 1410? or during the second quarter of the 15th century?
MS M.931

St. Pölten, Austria, ca. 1410.
MS M.884.1-2

England, between 1400 and 1450.
MS M.362
Germany, probably in or around Strasbourg, ca. 1430.
MS M.719-720

Avignon, France, ca. 1411.
MS M.300

Vienna, Austria, between 1403 and 1406.
MS M.853