John Agg

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John Agg
The r---l lover, or, The admiral on a Lee shore.
Peel 1968

Broadside poem with hand-colored etched illustration.
Imprint date from British Museum catalog online.
Lettered "Printed and Published by S. W. Fores, Corner of Sackville-street, Piccadilly."
By John Agg, illustrated by William Heath (Cf. British Museum catalog online).
"The Duke is described as a love-sick old man, who visits Miss Tylney-Long at Wanstead, professing his readiness to fight Lord Kilworth or Wellesley-Pole, or both. The heiress reproaches him with his cruelty to Mrs. Jordan and bids him return to her 'and play the fool no more'. There are allusions to Coates's surprise at the loud laughter that greeted his performance of Lothario, and to the Duke of York's love-letters to Mrs. Clarke"--Curator's comments, British Museum catalog online.
Library's copy trimmed within imprint.

Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Heading to verses printed in three columns. In a room at Wanstead House the Duke of Clarence kneels, clasping his hands with burlesqued anguish, his hair on end. He wears admiral's uniform, and is unrecognizable. Miss Tylney-Long stands by the open door (left) frowning and extending an admonitory forefinger. On the wall (left) is a plan inscribed 'Tinley[sic]-Estate', and behind the Duke (right) a picture of Mrs. Jordan, 'The Deserted Cora', surrounded by nine sons and daughters. She says: "This is the best reward of Royal Gratitude for Twenty years of Care & Motherly Attention Come then my Children lets persue the middle path & leave to Courts & Royalty its Blackest stain Ingratitude." The verses are from a satire by John Agg (Peter Pindar, Junior) published in 1812 which went through at least twelve editions in that year. The title continues: 'or a D--e defeated: containing particulars of a Journey to W--d House; ... a poem'. Twenty-one (out of seventy-two) verses are printed on the broadside. They begin: "What! leave a woman to her tears? / Your faithful friend for twenty years ..."

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