Ancient Western Asian Seals & Tablets

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Eye Stone Amulet
Hero with curved sword attacking fallen mouflon
Ibexes and hero
Lion attacking bull
Lion attacking fallen mouflon
Lion attacking stag ascending mountain
Lion-griffin attacking bull
Lion-griffin in grasp of bearded hero with ax
Tree on mountain beside three shoots and stag
Winged hero brandishing sword and grasping ostrich
Griffin in grasp of griffin-demon
Griffin-demon tearing branch from tree
Winged lion-griffin attacked by hero with curved sword
Archer attacking lion-griffin
Charging bull
God with sword and quiver striding over bull-headed dragon and aiming at lion-griffin
Goddess with ring and scimitar on star-studded throne
Man prodding plowing ox
Two figures attacking bearded hero with curls
Attendant waving palm whisk over table before seated king