Ancient Western Asian Seals & Tablets

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Tablet Inscribed in Akkadian
Contest frieze
God holding rod and ring with feet on kneeling bull
Goddess with clasped hands, sun god, and worshiper with kid
Worshiper offering gazelle to god enthroned on platform and grasping Egyptian life sign
God with spiked helmet standing on two mountains and nude goddess opening her veil
Male figure before goddess drawing aside her mantle
Nude goddesses with opened veil, worshiper holding hare
Two facing suppliant goddess with star disk in crescent
Two winged lion-demons flanking nude bearded hero with streams flowing over each shoulder
Tablet Inscribed in Akkadian
Figure holding up bull by hind leg
God with lightning fork, bull, and mace-bearing figure in ascending posture
Nude winged goddess holding two gazelles by hind legs
Figure with scimitar
Worshiper and god with vase seated on throne supported by human-headed bulls
Bull with tail grasped by griffin-demon
Hero grasping two lions on backs of kneeling bulls
Lion-griffins attacking bull
Bearded hero with daggers and two ibexes