Ancient Western Asian Seals & Tablets

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Ewe and ram flanking plant
Leather craftsmen working in two rooms divided by entwined snake-necked monsters
Plant, three stags approaching
Scorpion and plant
Shrine before three goats
Shrine, with one worshiper(?) holding palm leaf(?) and pot, and second worshiper pouring liquid into pot before him
Three spider-like designs
Two seated female figures with vessels; cows lying on mountains
Zigzag ladder designs forming two triangles
Nude one-eyed hero holding two lions; inclosure containing sheep; sheep-headed demon
Brocade style design with running goats and other animals
Contest frieze with demon and lions
Contest frieze with heros, bull, mouflon, and lion
Contest frieze with horned deity, lion, and nude hero
Contest frieze with lion-armed demon
Banquet scene with seated figures drinking from tubes
Contest frieze with leopard, horned animal, lions, bull, and bull-man
Contest frieze with nude hero, leopard, stag, a hero with upturned curls, mouflon, and lion
Contest scene with kilted hero, bull, lions, and reversed feline
Stone Bowl With a Dedication Inscription in Sumerian