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Walton Ford Set of Ten Postcards

4 x 6 inches
Envelope of Ten Single Postcards

Created to accompany an exhibition celebrating the gift from Walton Ford to the Morgan of sixty-three studies, this envelope of ten different postcards is perfect for artists and animal-lovers alike.

American artist Walton Ford (b. 1960) established his reputation in the 1990s with his monumental watercolor paintings of wild animals inspired by true or legendary stories of dramatic encounters between humankind and nature. Fascinated by the perception of wilderness in the collective imagination and by the consequences of human behavior - from colonialism to climate change- for the future of wildlife species, Ford develops complex narratives that have renewed the genre of animal painting.

This set of postcards was designed to accompany the exhibition Walton Ford: Birds and Beasts of the Studio on view at the Morgan Library & Museum April 12, 2024 through October 20, 2024.