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Morgan Library & Museum Centennial Tote

11 x 13 x 4 inches with 25-inch spun poly handles
15oz Heavy-weight cotton canvas

Carry 4,000 years of creativity with our anniversary tote!

In honor of the Morgan Library & Museum’s 100th anniversary as an institution, we’ve created this bright red tote featuring thirteen 100s inspired by the Morgan’s collections. Some of the 100s are inspired by J. Pierpont Morgan’s original collection, such as the Gutenberg Bible. Others represent the different branches of the museum that have developed in the last 100 years as the Morgan expanded as an institution. In some cases we expanded further than what the digital collections offered. For example, to represent the Ancient Western Asian Seals and Tablets collection, our graphics team researched the Babylonian numeric system and put together a custom drawing of 100 in cuneiform. The 100 is built from a 1 (representing 60) and four 10s. Some are sourced directly from collection items: the 100 from Giuseppe Verdi’s Otello represents the Museum Manuscripts & Printed Music collection, and Blaise Cendrars’ La prose du Transsibérien et de la petite Jehanne de France is from the Printed Books collection.

Made in USA