Rolling Stones: Ancient Mesopotamian Cylinder Seals

Treasures from the Vault: A Morgan Seminar Series
Drawing upon the rich holdings of the Morgan’s collections join curators and experts for an up close exploration of the Morgan’s greatest treasures. Limited availability, advance registration required.

Rolling Stones: Ancient Mesopotamian Cylinder Seals
Have you ever wanted to closely examine a work of art thousands of years old? This seminar will allow you to handle cylinder seals from ancient Mesopotamia. These miniature masterpieces are among the smallest works ever produced by sculptors. Led by Sidney Babcock, Jeannette and Jonathan Rosen Curator and Department Head, Ancient Near Eastern Seals and Tablets, participants will first view seals from the Morgan’s collection and learn about their significance in history and art then, using authentic cylinder seals, learn how to make your own impression as a Sumerian would have. You will be able to take your impression home as your own example of ancient art.


Tuesday, March 26, 6 pm

Please call (212) 685-0008 ext. 560 or e-mail for information.