Mrs. Smouch longing for piggy / Rowlandson invt.

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Thomas Rowlandson
Mrs. Smouch longing for piggy / Rowlandson invt.
[London? : sn, 181-?
Bequest of Gordon N. Ray, 1987.
[London? : s.n., 181-?
From the library of Gordon N. Ray.

A different cut of the same design issued by Thomas Tegg in 1813 with the title: Humours of Houndsditch, or Mrs Shevi in a longing condition. Cf. BM Satires12146 and J. Grego, Rowlandson the caricaturist, v. ii, p. 254.


Print shows a Jewish woman leaning over the wooden barrier across the street doorway to kiss a piglet which her husband holds out to her. The man smiles and puts his arm around her shoulder as her right breast falls into view from her low-cut gown. He is bearded, with a long coat, with a bag slung from his arm, showing that he deals in old clothes. A sow (right) looks up anxiously at the piglet. A comely young woman wearing a necklace and ear-rings leans over Mrs. Smouch, admiring the pig. From an adjacent window or doorway leans an elderly Jewish man, bald and bearded, who registers outraged horror.

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