Idol worship, or, The way to preferment

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Idol worship, or, The way to preferment
[London] : [publisher not identified], [1740]
Peel 1216,
[London] : [publisher not identified], [1740]
Formerly owned by Sir Robert Peel.

Publication date from Stephens.
Four lines of text below image: And Henry the King made unto himself a great Idol ... Chronicle of the Kings, page 51.
Library's copy trimmed within plate mark.


Satire on Robert Walpole showing him as a colossal figure at the entrance to St James's Palce bending forward with his naked backside exposed for an ambitious young man to kiss; another man holds a petition and bowls a hoop lettered, "Wealth", "Pride", "Vanity", "Folly", "Luxury", "Want", "Dependance", "Servility", "Venality", "Corruption" and "Prostitution", through Walpole's legs towards an arcade whose arches are labelled, "Saint [James's P]alace", "The Treasury", "The Exchequer" and "The Admiralty"