12th century

Germany, perhaps Swabia, between 1175 and 1199.
MS M.645

Tournai, Belgium, ca. 1200.
MS M.338

Urgel, Spain, ca. 1140.
MS M.922
Florence, Italy, ca. 1150-1160.
MS M.737

Salzburg, Austria, mid-12th cent.
MS M.963

Salzburg, Austria, second third of the 12th century.
MS M.982

England, from the 11th to the early 14th centuries.
MS M.926
Westphalia, Germany, ca. 1145-1155.
MS M.863
Rhineland, Germany, second half of 12th century.
MS M.1156

Canterbury, England, 1155-1160.
MS M.521