Miniatures (Illuminations)

Pakistan, probably Lahore, 1838.
MS M.540, MS M.846.11a-b
England, ca. 1430.
MS M.47
ca. 1800-1850.
MS M.1130
Paris, France, between 1527 and 1530.
MS M.1176
Loire River Valley, France, ca. 1470-1480
MS M.1057

Salzburg, Austria, mid-12th cent.
MS M.963

Bologna, Italy, ca. 1330-1335.
MS M.821

Salzburg, Austria, second third of the 12th century.
MS M.982

Brabant, the Netherlands, ca. 1455.
MS M.868

Probably Baghdad, Iraq, between 1590 and 1599.
MS M.466