Miniatures (Illuminations)

Liège, Belgium, 1261.
MS M.440

Bourges, France, or the Loire River Valley, 1455-1460.
MS M.67

Liège, Belgium, ca. 1280s.
MS M.183

Paris, France, 1228-1234.
MS M.153

Qazvīn, Iran, 1549-1551.
MS M.836
Shīrāz, Iran, 1510.
MS M.471
Iran, probably Shīrāz, ca. 1585.
MS M.470, MS M.847.1-3
Iran, between 1674 and 1675.
MS M.469
Iran, probably Shīrāz, between 1488 and 1490.
MS M.468
India, probably Ahmadabad, ca. 1618.
MS M.445