Illuminated manuscripts

Italy, probably Florence, late 13th cent.
MS M.273
Weingarten, Germany, 1215-1217.
MS M.710
Paris, France, between 1227-1234.
MS M.240
Paris, France, ca. 1244-1254.
MS M.638
Amiens, France, between 1280 and 1299.
MS M.729
Maragheh, Iran, 1297-1298 or 1299-1300, and 19th cent.
MS M.500
Naples, Italy, last quarter of 14th century.
MS M.498
Florence, Italy, or in Avignon, France, during the late 1320s.
MS M.713
England, perhaps Cambridge, ca. 1320.
MS M.107
Bologna, Italy, or Hungary, 1325-1335.
MS M.360.1-26