Illuminated manuscripts

Horae: ad usum Parisiensem (Paris) [French and Latin].

Paris : Thielman Kerver for Guillaume Eustace, 20 June 1500.
PML 129150

La sainte messe / [each page illuminated and colored with rubricated text signed by] R. Raparlier.

Raparlier, Romain.
[Paris] : Leullier, Succr. de Vaton, Raparlier Inv., [ca. 1900]
PML 152640
Florence, Italy, ca. 1450-1460.
MS B.10
England, 15th century.
MS B.54
Loire River Valley, France, ca. 1475.
MS B.1

Urbino, Italy, October 8, 1456.
MS B.20

Italy, probably Padua, ca. 1460.
MS B.48
Tuscany, Italy, 15th century.
MS B.52

England, ca. 1400.
MS B.39
Adria, Veneto, Italy, 1558.
MS B.58