Illuminated manuscripts

Italy, possibly Teramo or Bologna, between 1375 and 1399? or during the second half of 14th century?
MS G.16

Le Mans, France, 1100-1120.
MS G.17

Bourges, France, ca. 1460-1465.
MS G.49

Yorkshire, England, ca. 1500.
MS G.39

Italy, possibly Naples, ca. 1461.
MS G.56
England, probably Winchester, ca. 1300
MS G.19
Germany or Switzerland, between 1208 and 1228.
MS G.8
England, probably London or Canterbury, 1310-1320.
MS G.53

Italy, second half of 11th century.
MS G.62

England, perhaps Canterbury, ca. 1180.
MS G.43