Griffin-demons, worshiper, and god on bull

between 704 B.C. and 691 B.C.
24 x 12 cm.
Morgan Seal 702
Acquired by Pierpont Morgan sometime between 1885 and 1908.

"Seals 702 and 703 are probably of similarly late date. They not only show a greater degree of modeling, as an influence of the modeled style of the latter part of the eighth century, but also present some details of design suggesting such a date. The representation of the god with lightning fork on a bull in 702 recalls the portrayal of Adad in a relief from Arslantas[cedile under the s, making it an sh sound], dated at the end of the eighth century; moreover, the bull's shoulder muscles are in both instances indicated by a roll. The Aramaic inscription of the seal may also point to such a date, since Aramaic inscriptins do not occur before that time. However, it is possible that the inscription was inserted after the seal was in use. The crossed mouflons in 703 are not found in characteristic drilled-style seals of the ninth and early eighth century, though they appear on an Assyrian modeled-style of the latter part of the eighth or of the seventh century."--Porada, CANES, p. 84-85


Two griffin-demons holding pail and date spathe; between them, worshiper facing god on bull who holds lightning fork, point downward -- In sky, crescent, seven globes, star -- Terminal: inscription in South Arabic.

Southern Mesopotamia.