14th century

Italy, possibly Teramo or Bologna, between 1375 and 1399? or during the second half of 14th century?
MS G.16

Belgium, possibly Tournai, ca. 1390.
MS G.32

Toulouse, France, between 1300 and 1325.
MS M.301
France, possibly Amiens, between 1300 and 1310.
MS M.751

Verona, Italy, ca. 1400.
MS M.702

Florence, Italy, 1360-1370.
MS M.958

Prague, Czech Republic, ca. 1400-1410.
MS M.961
Regensburg, Germany, ca. 1310.
MS M.870.1-3

London, England and France, between 1255 and 1260.
MS M.524

Possibly France, between 1325 and 1350.
MS M.1058