An essay concerning humane understanding in fower books : autograph manuscript signed of books 1 and 2.

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MA 998
Locke, John, 1632-1704.
Netherlands, 1685
Purchased by J.P. Morgan Jr., 1924.
1 item (ca. 383 pages), bound ; 16.4 cm

A letter from Forster to Beaufoy about the provenance of the manuscript was formerly bound at the back of the volume; it was removed in 1952 and is now located in Misc English.
Flyleaf inscribed by Locke: "For Edward Clarke of Chipley Esq / James Tyrrell of Oakley Esq / or Dr David Thomas of Salisbury." Also inscribed by [Thomas] Forster: "H.B.H. Beaufoy / from T. Forster / Aug. 27, 1849."
High reserve.
Signed on the final page of text: "Sic cogitavit John Locke."
This is the so-called "Draft C" of the essay; there is some controversy about whether the manuscript is in Locke's hand.

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Blue cloth drop-spine box (18.1 cm)
Vellum, spine label "1.2."
Inscribed to Edward Clarke, James Tyrell, or David Thomas; Benjamin Furly; by descent in the Forster family to Thomas Ignatius Maria Forster (with stamped 1838 ex libris of T. Forster); given by Forster to H.B.H. Beaufoy (with his bookplate); purchased by J.P. Morgan Jr. from A.S.W. Rosenbach, 1924.